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Antiques to Jewelry offers a selection of specialty Zippo lighters
including Limited Edition Sets.

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Budweiser Bud Light Collector Zippo Lighter

A popular high polish chrome Zippo lighter depicting the famous Budweiser Bud Light logo.

It is displayed in a special Zippo tin with a cover sleeve that has the Budweiser logo.

In mint condition and has never been used.

ZIP01  $29


Budweiser Collector Issue Zippo Lighter

A licensed Budweiser special issue Zippo lighter that was only produced once.

It has a full enamel front graphic and is displayed in a special Zippo collectors tin with Budweiser logo paper slipcover.

In mint condition and has never been used.



1995 Mysteries of Forest Four Zippo Lighters Set

Four solid brass Zippo lighters in collector's tin with colored folder and an easel for displaying them.  The four lighters with the animal graphics join together in a collage to show the face of a jaguar.

With this set is offered the single Jaguar and Cub at Turtle Falls Zippo brass lighter which was issued as a Limited Edition at the same time in 1995.

All five lighters in original tins, still with factory seals on each lighter.



1933 Replica First Release Zippo Lighter

This lighter is larger than most Zippo lighters and has square corners and an outside hinge.

It is the1933 Replica First Release lighter issued by Zippo in 1998 on the 65th anniversary of the first issue.

Stamped on bottom 1933 Replica First Release Zippo Bradford PA Made in USA

Lighter is in mint condition  with orange factory seal on back and original metal tin embossed Zippo and also with original slipcover as shown.




1996 Pin Up Girls Spring Summer Autumn Winter Zippo Lighter Set PLUS Joan Pinup of the Year Single Zippo Lighter

This set of four Zippo lighters was issued as the collectible of the year in 1996 and as a bonus you will receive the single Zippo lighter, Joan the Pinup of the Year which was an add-on to the set.

All five lighters are in original condition with factory seals and are in collector's tins with polishing cloth from Zippo.

ZIP05  0327512 set of 5 


Carpe Diem Pyramid with Secret inside Opening Zippo Lighter

This is a solid brass special edition Zippo lighter with a separate secret part of the pyramid that shows when the top is lifted.

This is in a tin case with a slipcover and the lighter still has the factory seal and has never had the top flipped open.


Budweiser Zippo Lighter Set with Bud Key Chain

High polished chrome lighter with a Bud Keychain

Marked Bradford and never opened, still with factory seal.

Complete with Zippo tin and litho Budweiser slip cover.

ZIP07  $49


Rolling Stones 2001 Zippo 'Established 1962'

Black Matte Tongue logo enamel red, black and white graphic.

Complete with tin and litho Rolling Stones slip cover.

In new condition, never opened with factory seal on lighter.

Manufactured in Niagara Falls, Canada. One of the last production lighters before Zippo closed their Canadian facility.

ZIP08  $39  SOLD


Purple Happy Smiley Face WWW Zippo Lighter

Designed by Loufrani and purple matte with yellow smiley graphic.

In collector Zippo tin with litho Smiley slipcover.

Never opened and with original factory seal.



Chrome Smiley Happy Face Zippo Lighter

A wonderful happy face lighter with a yellow smiley.

High polish chrome in Zippo tin and with litho Smilie slipcover.

Never opened and with original factory seal.

ZIP10  063510