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Lovely Porcelain Germany Sandwich Tray

This lovely sandwich tray is made from fine porcelain, decorated in flowers and trimmed with gold.

It is marked Made in German Democratic Republic (East Germany) and has the artist's name on the back.

This measures 10 1/8" long and almost 4 3/4" wide.

In excellent condition with no chips or cracks.

CM51  $25

Antique Porcelain Leaf Candle Holder

A delicate fine porcelain candle holder in a leaf shape with a tab handle.

Measures approximately 5" by 5 1/2" and is in good condition with no chips or cracks but does have wear to the gold trim. 

Unmarked but from Germany in early 1900's.


Lord Nelson Pottery Tankard Made in England

This is a finely made tankard in a copper luster color with a silver colored rim and handle.

It has a comical picture on the front and reverse and the writing "Holey Matrimony" with a husband showing his socks that need mending.  On the reverse is written "Heaven - or near enough".

This is unmarked but is Lord Nelson Pottery Handcrafted in England since 1758, the same as CM38 on our site.

It stands about 4 3/4" tall.

This is in very good condition with no chips or cracks.

CM70  $18

Pottery Bowl with Applied Roses

Beautiful silky smooth glaze on an aqua colored bowl with light brown trim and applied ivory roses.

Mark on back is impressed but I am unable to read it except that it starts with the letter H.

Measures 7 1/4" across and stands 1 1/2" high.

An unusual piece with a Victorian look, in very good condition with no chips or cracks.



Beautiful Pink Flamingo Pitcher or Jug

A beautiful Pink Flamingo pitcher or jug that stands about 10" tall.

This is a heavy piece nicely made and has a ridged molded base as shown in the picture.

Most likely made by a California Pottery Company with strong colors and excellent hand painted details. In very good condition with no chips, cracks or repairs.

CM57  $55

Art Deco Tall Hand Painted Pitcher or Jug with Scene of Lady

Unusual Art Deco hand painted jug with a scene of a lady in a garden setting, writing at a desk.

Measures about 11 1/2" tall and in very good condition with no chips, cracks or repairs but has age crazing. Impressed Royal Made in England o. 324 G J.

CM58 $125.00

Art Deco 3 Dimensional Vase of Ladies with Bonnets

A quite different vase featuring three young ladies with long dresses and bonnets in gold, pink and green and molded in a 3 D effect.

 Measures almost 5" tall and impressed mark VB109 with a crown. There is also a green stamped crown mark. In very good condition with no chips, cracks or repairs.

CM59 $45

Crinoline Lady in Garden Pitcher or Jug

A milk pitcher with a design of a crinoline lady with a sunbonnet.  She is on a cobblestone path in a garden setting.  Pattern is on each side but smaller on the reverse. 

Measures 4 1/2" tall and marked English Ware Made in England Lancaster and Sandland Hanley England.

In very good condition with no chips or cracks and with gold trim around top and on handle.

CM60  $45

California Pottery Zebra Figurines

A pair of Zebra figurines that were made by a pottery company in California.

Measure almost 4" long.  One is in perfect condition and the other one has had one foot mended but it is difficult to notice.

Nicely hand painted with a strong glaze, this makes an attractive set.

CM92  $15 pair

Otagiri 1981 Covered Hen on Nest Dish

A nicely made Otagiri 1981 covered dish of a hen or chicken.

Measures about 4" long and 4 1/4" high. In very good condition with no chips or cracks. Has slot in top lid for spoon.

CM62 $25

Vintage Pottery Hen on Nest with Chick Handle Covered Dish

A brightly colored and very well made chicken on a nest covered dish. This has a little chick on top for a handle.

Measures about 4 1/2" long and is impressed Made in Japan inside the mold of the cover which is quite unusual. There is also another impression on the bottom but not clear.

In very good condition with no chips or cracks.

CM63  $35

Strawberry Fair Johnson Brothers Cereal or Soup Bowl

A pretty red and white strawberry pattern cereal or soup bowl made by Johnson Brothers.

Measures 6 1/4" across and in very good condition with no chips or cracks.

There are three bowls available and each one is $25.00.

We are also selling a dinner plate and bread and butter plates in this same pattern.

CM66  $25

Medalta Potteries Large Blue Mixing Bowl Alberta

Medalta mixing bowl measures 10 3/4" across by 4 3/4" high.

Marked Medalta Potteries Canada Medicine Hat with a Maple Leaf logo.

In very good condition. Very tiny glaze flakes on bottom rim.

Medalta $95.00


Wade Pink Rose Creamer and Sugar

Enameled pink roses on dark green background with lavish gold painted trim.

Creamer measures 3 1/2" high and sugar is 3 1/8" across and 2" high.

Each piece marked in gold Wade Made in England Hand Painted.

Both pieces in very good condition with no chips or cracks.

Wade set  $45.00

MOM Large Mug or Cup with Pink Roses

This is a large mug or cup that has a floral decor of roses and Mom written with a rose bouquet.

It measures about 3 5/8" high and was made by Lamour China of Japan in the 1940's.

This is in good condition with no chips or cracks but has some wear to the gold trim.

CM56  $12




Lefton Pixieware Island Girl ESD Japan Hand Painted Instant Coffee Jar with Figural Spoon

Item is in good condition but spoon has multiple paint chips around edge of it as shown. One tiny paint flake on top knot of girl.


Victoria Austria Porcelain Bowl with Pink Roses


Grindley Eileen Pattern Bowl

Germany Elf Elves on Log Box


James Kent Old Foley Blue and White Figural Boot

In excellent condition with no chips or cracks.